Infographic: A Guide to Troubleshooting Email Deliverability Issues

When emails bounce it can cause a lot of disruption. It’s important to get to the bottom of it – fast! The first thing we should start with is getting an understanding of all of the elements that go into getting your email to the inbox… this includes your data cleanliness, your IP reputation, your DNS configuration (SPF and DKIM), your content, and any reporting on your email as spam. Here’s an infographic providing a

6 Best Practices You Should Follow When Building an Unsubscribe Page

We shared some statistics on reasons why people unsubscribe from your marketing emails or newsletters. Some of it may not even be your fault, as subscribers are inundated with so many emails that they just need some relief. When a subscriber finds and clicks on that unsubscribe link in your email, what are you doing to try to save them? I recently did just that with Sweetwater, an audio equipment site that’s been fantastic to

End Email Overload with

Every few months, I need to go through my emails and begin filtering out all the junk. From platforms I’ve tested, to social notifications and newsletters – my inbox is packed. I’m using some great tools to help manage it, like Mailstrom, but it’s still a bit out of control. is here to help you regain control of your inbox. Instead of receiving multiple subscription emails throughout the day, you can receive just one.

Why Users Disengage With Your Email

Too many email marketers fall into a rhythm where they send email based on their corporate schedule or their goals rather than the subscribers’ needs. Providing emails to your audience and ensuring they’re valuable will keep them subscribed, engaged, converting… and will ultimately keep you out of their junk email folder. After visiting your website, making a purchase, or stumbling across your company’s blog, a customer has signed up to receive email from you. For

Why You Should Unsubscribe Today

Each day, Martech Zone sends out an email via CircuPress that automatically converts the blog’s feed to nicely formatted HTML email. There’s only a couple hundred folks that take advantage of it – a fraction of the readership of this blog on a daily basis. That’s okay… it’s a niche and feeds those who want it. I don’t try to artificially grow the list, it’s got great retention and does the trick for those who

Email Marketing List Maintenance

When’s the last time that you’ve retooled your email program to ensure your email lists are properly segmented and subscribers are getting the information that they want? So many marketers are attentive only to large subscriber counts… smaller email lists and targeted content always outperform mass media. Here’s the perfect maintenance email, received from WebTrends: The topics are nicely segmented and updating my preferences was only a single click. If you can capture subscribers’ preferences

Do Comments Equal Conversions?

I did some analysis of my blog this weekend to look for a correlation between my search engine results, my most popular blog posts, the posts with the most comments, and the posts that actually resulted in revenue due to consulting or speaking engagements. There was no correlation. Reviewing my most popular posts, you’ll find WordPress Contact Form, Huntington Bank Sucks, I left Basecamp, and the length of an Email Address carry the most traffic.