CX versus UX: The Difference Between Customer and User

CX/UX – Only one letter different? Well, more than one letter, but there are a lot of similarities between Customer Experience and User Experience work. Professionals with either focus work to learn about people by doing research! The Similarities of Customer Experience and User Experience Customer and User Experience goals and process are often similar. Both have: A sense that business is not just about selling and buying, but about satisfying needs and providing value

Adtivity: Improve the Impact of your Social Media Ads

Over time, marketers have developed unique and innovative methods to generate leads. But online ads still retain a dominant position in the marketplace. Appssavvy’s study, “Social Activity Index – Measuring the Effectiveness of Social Advertising” conducted in April 2011, reveals that advertising integrated into social activities that is spread across social games, applications, and web sites is 11 times more effective than paid search, and twice as effective as rich media. Traditional Internet ads, in