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Martech Zone articles tagged user control:

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingAragon: AI Professional Headshots

    Aragon: Your Professional Headshots Are Here Using AI

    Investing in professional headshots is worthwhile for several reasons, especially in today’s digitally driven world where your image often makes the first impression: Professionalism: Professional headshots convey a sense of professionalism. They show that you take yourself and your career seriously, which can influence how clients, colleagues, and employers perceive you. First Impressions: In the digital age, your headshot is…

  • Mobile and Tablet MarketingArity Private Marketplace for Mobile Applications

    Unlocking Precision and Insight: The Benefits of Private Marketplaces

    Like it or not, marketers must get used to the idea of a cookie-less, post-Mobile Ad ID (MAID) future — and develop new strategies accordingly. Traditional audience targeting methods are quickly becoming archaic as tech giants like Google and Apple respond to consumer and regulatory pressure to bolster user privacy. Cookie deprecation in Chrome is on the horizon while Apple’s…

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