What is the Impact of Online Consumer Reviews on Your Business?

We recently met with a fantastic company, Viral Launch, who work with businesses selling products via Amazon. By working on both optimizing a product page and incorporating strategies to collect reviews from customers, they’re able to increase the visibility of your products in internal product searches… ultimately increasing sales exponentially. It’s difficult work, but they’ve got the process down pat and continued to repeat it for more and more clients. Their service spells out the impact

Social Marketing for Travel and Hospitality

We have a client in the travel insurance industry that does an amazing job leveraging social media to grow their business. By becoming a great destination of travel news and advice, they’ve continued to increase growth. Led by Bryant Tutterow and Muhummad Yasin, we’ve been amazed at how streamlined and productive their team has been in such a highly regulated market. Social networks and user reviews can have a profound impact on the booking decisions