Google Analytics UTM Campaign URL Builder

Utilize this tool to build your Google Analytics Campaign URL. The form validates your URL, includes logic on whether it already has a querystring within it, and adds all of the appropriate UTM variables: utm_campaign, utm_source, utm_medium, and optional utm_term and utm_content. If you’re reading this via RSS or email, click through to the site to use the tool: How to Collect and Track Campaign Data in Google Analytics Here’s a thorough video on planning

The Other Traffic Source in Google Analytics?

This week at work, one of our clients was asking what the “other” traffic source in Google Analytics (GA). There’s not too much detail in the actual interface for Google Analytics so you have to do some digging. Traffic sources are also known as the medium in GA. I did some digging and found that Google Analytics captures the medium automatically for some other mediums, the most prominent being email. To find the list of