Slides: Interaction Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design

I was checking out a really cool open source project tonight called slides where you can stitch HTML and CSS pages together in a slideshow experience that works cross platform. They work on mobile and tablet devices (even supporting touch screens and full screen). And the slides are stored online but can be displayed offline too! They also sync with Dropbox and can be shared as I’m doing below! This is a nice, concise slide

Email Marketing or Facebook Marketing?

Derek McClain asked on Facebook: If you are a business that does online marketing, would you rather have someone’s email address or have that same person as a Facebook Fan aka Person that “Likes” your page? Think about this one before you answer. It’s a great question. I’m not a fan of “or” with online marketing. I believe a multi-channel marketing approach increases overall response throughout your marketing. Facebook seems like a social media marketing

Looking for a Second Opinion? A Hundred?

There was quite a firestorm when I promoted utilizing crowdSPRING. Those in the design community who I respect so much though it was a bit hypocritical to appreciate crowdSPRING and other spec systems like 99designs, while advocating hiring design agencies as well. I don’t believe it’s one or the other, I do appreciate both! I challenged a couple of the No! Spec supporters to come up with some advice: How do business startups get great

Web Design: It’s Not About You

Are you about to take on a big website redesign? How about rebuilding that clunky-but-critical software application? Before you dive in, remember that the final arbiter of quality is not you, it’s your users. Here are a few steps to better understanding their needs and behaviors before you spend any precious programming dollars.