What is a Slogan? Slogans of Famous Brands and their Evolution

At DK New Media, our slogan is that We help companies meet their marketing potential. It fits a wide range of services that we offer – from product consulting, to content development, to online marketing optimization… everything we do is to identify gaps in strategies and help the companies fill those gaps. We haven’t gone so far as getting it trademarked, developing a viral video or adding a jingle… but I like the message it

Verizon Did Good Today! AT&T Not So Good…

Sometimes I use my blog as a bully pulpit when it comes to consumer affairs. It’s not as much to embarrass the company as it is to vent my frustration. In a previous post, I slammed AT&T and detailed their inept ability to complete a single item on a move work order. Today they made their offer – reversing any fees they accidentally added and knocking $500 off our company phone bill. I wasn’t happy

Ouch Verizon

I don’t have any sympathy for Verizon. Earlier this year I started an account with Verizon and my company reimbursed me for purchase of a model 6700 PDA phone. Part of the reason I purchased this phone was to connect my laptop and phone via USB for Internet access while I was on the road. I asked if the phone could do that, they said yes. However, they left out the fact that it required