ContentVerse: Document Management and Workflow Automation

Much of the corporate world is still using and deploying their content via Microsoft Office platforms. If you want to maintain version control of your documents and automate workflows, it’s nearly impossible without a good workflow automation tool and a document repository to maintain versioning while collaborating. Marketing agencies – especially with content marketing strategies – produce a ton of this content in traditional desktop applications. And operating system searches aren’t always the easiest way

Perforce: Version Everything

Software developers figured out a long time ago that systems for managing versions made their jobs easier and more productive. Perforce is one of those companies that offered advanced versioning control to developers. Over time, though, they noticed that corporations have the same issues with internal documents – from sales sheets, to graphics, to whitepapers… teams collaborate on documents but often don’t have the latest versions to work from. As a result, collisions occur, frustration