Adobe Digital Insights: The State of the Digital Union 2017

Adobe Digital Insights has put together a beautiful infographic (would we expect anything different?) on the State of the Digital Union – focused on digital advertising and associated consumer expectations. Perhaps my favorite thing about this infographic is that they really took mounds of data and paired it down to a select number of observations and conclusions: Ad Costs are Rising – as more mainstream advertisers turn to digital, the demand for ad space and

TubeMogul: Digital Video Ad Planning and Buying Across Channels

eMarketer predicted the average advertising spending budget breakdown is 88% TV, 7% digital video and 5% for mobile video. With second screen and mobile video viewing rising so rapidly, TubeMogul has found that enabling a cross-channel strategy can increase awareness and reduce overall advertising costs per viewer. In fact, in a Case Study, TubeMogul found that message recall was 190% greater for those who saw the ad on TV only and was 209% greater

Is YouTube Killing TV?

Personally, I think we’ll have television around for my lifetime and then some. Unlike this infographic, I don’t believe that television is dead… I just think it’s going through a transformation. With hundreds of channels, the advent of Tivo and high bandwidth, what hurt television was the impact to commercials… not really YouTube. And the infographic below talks about Google’s share price, but neglects to show that YouTube doesn’t make any money, either! What is

Setting Promotions on Fire with WildFire

Marketers love and hate sweepstakes and contests. While effective tools to build brand awareness and generate prospect lists, they tedious, time consuming, and challenging to administer.

Indy Business Makeover: Deadline is Tomorrow!

When I was down in Houston, one of the speakers noted how a company will spend more money on their lobby than they will on their online presence. No one asks a couch manufacturer what the return on investment is on a nice leather sofa for the lobby – but everyone cuts and chisels away at the cost of a new website. Too many companies ignore the strategy altogether – too busy with their current

Your 3 Min Video could Win a 50″ HDTV

It doesn’t get easier than this! Get out your Flip cameras and show your talents off on YouTube. The Consumer Electronics Association is having a judged contest for their Digital TV: Convert Now! Contest, giving away a 50″ HDTV, Sony Blu-Ray player and Pioneer Surround Sound system. The contest ends December 10th and your 3 minute video will be judged for originality and creativity, aesthetic appeal, and the relationship of the content to the the