StatDragon: Advanced Analytics for Vimeo

StatDragon has launched advanced analytics for Vimeo users. Until now, Vimeo users have only had access to basic analytics like loads, plays, geography and top embed locations. StatDragon’s Advanced Vimeo Analytics makes it possible to track: Viewing Behavior – Capture second-by-second engagement data and see when viewers stop watching. Social Media Impact – Track share counts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, and Pinterest. Viewer Details – See viewer geography, operating system, web browser and more.

Reasons Why You Should Not Host Your Own Video

A client that is doing some incredible work on the publishing side and seeing exceptional results asked what my opinion was on them hosting their videos internally. They felt they could better control the quality of the videos and improve their search optimization. The short answer was no. It’s not because I don’t believe they would be great at it, it’s because they are underestimating all of the incredible challenges of hosted video that have

Visible Measures: Videos and Earned Media

Visible Measures provides agencies and large brands with the opportunity to distribute their content to relevant viewers. Their platform reaches over 380 million video viewers every month. To date, they’ve measured 3 trillion video views, more than 500 million videos, and well over 10,000 video advertising campaigns. Visible Measures delivers the right choice-based video ad to the right person at the right time on the right publisher, helping brand advertisers fight media fragmentation while optimizing

YouTube Analytics is Here

If you’ve not logged in yet, YouTube has updated its Insights package to a newer, full featured analytics package. Here are some of the latest features in YouTube Analytics: A nice overview page. In-depth reporting that includes engagement stats as measured by likes, dislikes, comments and favorites added or removed. Top videos that are driving the most views and subscriptions. A new audience retention report that shows how far through the videos your viewers are