CometChat: A Text, Group Text, Voice, and Video Chat API and SDKs

Whether you’re building a web application, Android app, or iOS app, enhancing your platform with the ability for your customers to chat with your internal team is an incredible way to improve customer experience and deepen engagement with your organization. CometChat enables developers to build a reliable and full-featured chat experience into any mobile or web app. Features include 1-to-1 Text Chat, Group Text Chat, Typing & Read Indicators, Single Sign-On (SSO), Voice & Video

VideoAsk: Build Engaging, Interactive, Personal, Asynchronous Video Funnels

Last week I was filling out an influencer survey for a product that I thought was worth promoting and the survey that was requested was done via video. It was extremely engaging… On the left side of my screen, I was asked questions by a company representative… on the right side, I clicked and responded with my answer. My responses were timed and I had the ability to re-record responses if I wasn’t comfortable with

Video Chat Is Going Mainstream For Corporate Websites and Ecommerce Platforms

Salesforce has published a detailed article and infographic on the impact and best practices of video chat for customer service. This customer service channel combines the convenience of live chat and a phone call with the personal touch of video. With plentiful bandwidth, 5G speeds around the corner, and significant enhancements in video communication technologies, there’s no doubt that video chat is going to grow in impact. Gartner estimates that more than 100 of the

B2B: Videos are Influencing Purchasing Decisions

Video has been touted quite a bit with consumer marketing, but the real opportunity might be with business-to-business (B2B) marketing. In a recent study released by Eccolo Media, multimedia topped the collateral list as the fastest growing mediums that decision-makers and influencers are utilizing to make purchasing decisions. As we found in every past survey, the most frequently consumed types of collateral are product brochures & data sheets. In fact, respondents have only increased their

Business Buyers are Different!

Copywriter Bob Bly has provided a list of reasons why marketing to businesses is very different from consumers. I’ve written about intent in past posts, and I believe this is a great example. The intent of a business buyer is unique when compared to consumers: The business buyer wants to buy. The business buyer is sophisticated. The business buyer will read a lot of copy. A multi-step buying process. Multiple buying influences. Business products are