Animaker: Do-It-Yourself Animation Studio, Marketing Video Editor, and Video Ad Builder

Animated and live video are a must for every organization. Videos are highly engaging, have the ability to explain difficult concepts concisely and provide an experience that’s both visual and audible. While video is an incredible medium, it’s often insurmountable for small businesses or marketers because of the resources required: Professional video and audio equipment for recording. Professional voice overs for your scripts. Professional graphics and animations to incorporate. And, perhaps, the most expensive and

Vimeo’s New Collaboration and Integration Tools Establish It As The Standard for Videographers

One of our neighboring companies in the building our studio is in are some incredible cinematographers, Train 918. They specialize in bringing their gear anywhere in the world and producing epic videos. It’s not just the quality of the work they produce that’s amazing, though. They spend much of their time actually developing the storyline, converting it into scenes, then plan their projects impeccably. The results are mesmerizing… here are some samples via their Company

Wipster: Video Review and Approval Platform

We’ve been working with our friends at 12 Stars Media (long-time fans and friends!) on a client’s video. It’s a sophisticated video, involving intros, outros, b-roll, customer footage, and interviews all wrapped up in just over 2 minutes. They sent over a link where we can access the video via Wipster, a video review and approval platform. It’s a very intuitive interface where each viewer is color-coded and can comment on any location at any

Remark: Annotate and Collaborate Your Video Production

Remark allows you to invite users, collaborate and annotate your videos. You can use your existing video or hosting services like Vimeo, Dropbox, Box, Youtube. Everyone works from a private, unique link, enabling you to share and provide feedback directly from your team or your client without the need for an account. Feedback is collected with the video frame timestamped in the viewing room. You can export the notes directly into your video editing software

WeVideo: Online Video Editing and Collaboration

WeVideo is a software as a service platform allowing marketers to create and publish video online. WeVideo provides a simple-to-use, end-to-end solution for video ingestion, video editing, video publishing and management of your video assets – all in the cloud, and accessible from any web browser, tablet or mobile device. Videos published using WeVideo are mobile-ready. WeVideo for Business also includes mobile solutions for Android and iOS devices so that marketers can capture videos and