Camtasia: The Easiest Screen Recording and Video Editing Software For Your Business

Whether you’re looking to create interactive software demos, training videos, or tutorials, utilizing desktop software is almost a must. Editing, publishing, and converting video files requires plenty of hardware and memory… so online platforms aren’t typically an option. Some video editing mobile applications are pretty good, but they lack the desktop real estate that your large monitor has to comfortably make edits and work across multiple layers of audio and video. Camtasia Screen Recording and

Shape: CRM, Lead Capture & Scoring, Sales Automation, and Pipeline Management

It’s amazing to see how advanced sales automation platforms are getting these days. I was just speaking with a colleague of mine where I mentioned that customer relationship management (CRM) was no longer a platform, it’s basically a feature. The platforms of old require often require massive implementation budgets that incorporate third-party integrations and tons of automation. I know… my company works with frustrated clients every day after they’ve purchased these systems and then can’t

PLANOLY: Meeting The Planning Needs of Social Video Managers

Many organizations are shifting gears to take a video-first approach to social content. Why? Video generates 1200% more shares than image-based and text-based content. WordStream – 75 Staggering Video Marketing Statistics This change may be lucrative for some, but others might struggle with algorithm updates, as well as staying on top of trends in a fast-paced environment, and organizing and managing content across numerous platforms.  Too many good ideas have been left behind because there

Movavi: A Video Editing Suite For Small Business To Produce Professional Videos

If you’ve never had the opportunity to edit video, you’re typically in for a steep learning curve. There’s basic software out there to trim, clip, and add transitions before uploading your video to YouTube or a social media site… and then there are enterprise platforms built for including animations, dazzling effects, and dealing with very long videos. Because of bandwidth and computing needs, editing video is still a process that’s largely accomplished locally with desktop