Sysomos Gaze: Image and Video Monitoring for Social Media

You’re a national brand and a mistreated customer shares an embarrassing photo of your brand on social media. They don’t tag you on the photo, but it’s just too good not to share. It goes viral and before you know it, your monitoring alerts are going off as leading sites begin to mention you and share the image online. Momentum has already taken over and time is of the essence, but you’re absolutely too late.

Viralheat: Social Media Monitoring for SMBs

We’ve been on the lookout for a social media monitoring service for quite some time. A social media monitoring system allows you to set up brands and keywords and monitor various social media sites for mentions, sentiment and activity around those mentions. For companies, a social media monitoring strategy can be very lucrative for managing customer service issues, monitoring how people feel about your brand, and observing how well your social strategies are performing. At

What if Bloggers went on Strike?

When I write a post like this, I feel like I’m certain to anger the Google Powers-that-be. My blog’s ability to be ‘found’ is key to its success. In fact, over half of my visitors come from search engines on a daily basis, the majority from Mother Google. I work hard to ensure I lay down a red carpet for Google with all the pomp and circumstance that makes them smile upon me. Google has