Here’s 10 Ways You Can Increase Engagement with Visual Content

A key strategy in our redesign and social integrations has been a focus on visual content. Sharing quality infographics on our site has skyrocketed our reach and allows me to discuss the content in them with each share. This infographic from Canva is no different – walking someone through all of the different ways you can make visual content. And I really appreciate a key piece of advice they provide: Visual content gives you free

The Key Visual Elements of Landing Page Design

The folks at Uplers have produced this interactive infographic, A Deep Dive Into the Use of Visuals in Landing Pages, which covers how landing pages along with the critical visual elements that impact conversion rates. Reasons to Utilize Landing Pages Targeting Keywords for Organic Search – By creating a landing page optimized for search engines, you can appeal to the algorithms and get the right traffic to your landing page. By not optimizing, you could

Why You Need to Invest in Product Videos on Your Ecommerce Site

Product videos offer e-retailers a creative way of demonstrating their products while also allowing customers a chance to view products in action. By 2021, it’s estimated that 82% of all internet traffic will be made up of video consumption. One way eCommerce businesses can get ahead of this is by creating product videos. Statistics that Encourage Product Videos for Your Ecommerce Site: 88% of business owners stated that product videos increased conversion rates Product videos