A Guide To The Types and Tools To Start Creating Online Video Courses

If you want to make an online tutorial or video course and need a handy list of all the best tools and strategies, then you will love this ultimate guide. Over the past several months, I have personally researched and tested many tools, hardware and tips to create successful tutorials and video courses to sell on the internet. And now you can filter this list to quickly find what you need most (there is something

Databox: Track Performance and Discover Insights in Real-Time

Databox is a dashboarding solution that where you can choose from dozens of pre-built integrations or use their API and SDKs to easily aggregate data from all of your data sources. Their Databox Designer doesn’t require any coding, with drag and drop, customization, and simple data source connections. Databox Features Include: Alerts – Set alerts for progress on key metrics through push, email, or Slack. Templates – Databox already has hundreds of templates ready to

Juicer: Aggregate All Your Social Media Feeds into a Beautiful Web Page

Companies put out some incredible content via social media or other sites that would benefit their brand on their own site as well. However, developing a process where every Instagram photo or Facebook update requires published and updated on your corporate site just isn’t viable. A much better option is to publish a social feed on your site in either a panel or page of your website. Coding and integrating each resource can be difficult

The Arrival of Immersive Marketing, Journalism, and Education

Virtual and augmented reality are going to play a larger role in your future. TechCrunch predicts that mobile AR will most likely be a $100 billion market within 4 years! It doesn’t matter if you work for a cutting-edge technology company, or in a showroom selling office furniture, your business will benefit in some way by an immersive marketing experience. What’s the difference between VR and AR? Virtual reality (VR) is a digital recreation of the

Vimeo’s New Collaboration and Integration Tools Establish It As The Standard for Videographers

One of our neighboring companies in the building our studio is in are some incredible cinematographers, Train 918. They specialize in bringing their gear anywhere in the world and producing epic videos. It’s not just the quality of the work they produce that’s amazing, though. They spend much of their time actually developing the storyline, converting it into scenes, then plan their projects impeccably. The results are mesmerizing… here are some samples via their Company

Do You Have a Home Page Video? Should You?

I recently came across the State of Video 2015 report from Crayon, a site that mentions it has the most comprehensive collection of marketing designs on the web. The 50-page research report focused primarily on detailed breakdowns of which companies use video, whether they used free hosting platforms like Youtube or paid platforms like Wistia or Vimeo, and which industries are most likely to use video. While that was interesting, the most intriguing part of

StatDragon: Advanced Analytics for Vimeo

StatDragon has launched advanced analytics for Vimeo users. Until now, Vimeo users have only had access to basic analytics like loads, plays, geography and top embed locations. StatDragon’s Advanced Vimeo Analytics makes it possible to track: Viewing Behavior – Capture second-by-second engagement data and see when viewers stop watching. Social Media Impact – Track share counts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Buffer, and Pinterest. Viewer Details – See viewer geography, operating system, web browser and more.

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of Social Video?

This morning we posted Why Your Business Should Make Use of Video in Marketing. One outlet for use of video that’s driving incredible engagement and results are social video sites, with a huge rise in use and viewership. Companies are taking advantage of these strategies and producing some simple and amazing results that are getting watched more, shared more, and driving deeper understanding of their brand and higher conversion rates. Besides Youtube, there are many