25 Awesome Social Media Tools

It’s important to note that social media platforms are quite different in their goals and features. This infographic from the 2013 Social Media Strategies Summit breaks down the categories nicely. When planning a company social strategy, the sheer number of available tools for social media management can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled 25 great tools to get you and your team started, categorized into 5 types of tools: Social Listening, Social Conversation, Social Marketing, Social Analytics

The Loves of Martech Zone

One of the cool things about being both a blog and having an agency is that our sponsors aren’t just writing a check every month, we’re actually consulting with them on their business efforts, utilizing their platforms, and both of us are benefiting from the relationship. I want to take some time to talk about the tools that we use… not all of them are sponsors, but they all help us every day. Our blog

Viralheat: Social Media Monitoring for SMBs

We’ve been on the lookout for a social media monitoring service for quite some time. A social media monitoring system allows you to set up brands and keywords and monitor various social media sites for mentions, sentiment and activity around those mentions. For companies, a social media monitoring strategy can be very lucrative for managing customer service issues, monitoring how people feel about your brand, and observing how well your social strategies are performing. At