How to Increase PPC Advertising ROAS In 5 Minutes with Google Analytics

Have you been using Google Analytics data to boost your AdWords campaign results? If not, you are missing out on one of the most helpful tools available on the internet! In fact, there are dozens of reports available for data mining, and you can use these reports to optimize your PPC Campaigns across the board. Utilizing Google Analytics to improve your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is all assuming, of course, you have your AdWords,

Decoding Google Analytics

For our clients that are investing in a paid analytics platform, there’s a great return on investment since they fully leverage the features and integration that those platforms offer above and beyond Google Analytics. That said, we don’t have anyone that’s NOT running Google Analytics as well, though. Why? Because Google Analytics has the unfair advantage of integration to Google+, Webmaster and Adwords data. Of course, it has the unfair advantage of not having access

For Businesses, New Media Is NOT Easy

Social media is easy. Search engine optimization is easy. Blogging is easy. Stop saying it. It’s not true. Technology is daunting. Conventional companies struggle with leveraging technology and newer channels to get positive results. Many abandon or avoid it altogether. Online, search and social media is no less daunting. Twitter is simple, right? How hard is it to type 140 characters? It’s not… unless you are tied up at work with a number of other