Plezi One: A Free Tool To Generate Leads With Your B2B Website

After several months in the making, Plezi, a SaaS marketing automation software provider, is launching its new product in public beta, Plezi One. This free and intuitive tool helps small and medium-sized B2B companies transform their corporate website into a lead generation site. Find out how it works below. Today, 69% of companies with a website are trying to develop their visibility through various channels such as advertising or social networks. However, 60% of them

The Value of Visitor Actions

We measure a lot with analytics, but we don’t often put a value on each of the actions a visitor takes when they connect with us online. It’s important that companies pay attention to more than visits and conversions… there are a ton of interactions in between and after that provide value. In the above chart I have two axis… impact and value. As visitors like, retweet, fan and follow you or your business… there’s