The 5 Reasons A Visitor Arrived On Your Page

Too many companies design a website, social profile, or landing page without understanding the intent of the visitor. Product managers pressure the marketing department to list features. Leaders pressure the marketing department to publish the latest acquisition. Sales teams pressure the marketing department to promote an offer and drive leads. Those are all internal motivations as you’re looking to design a web site or landing page. When we design and develop a web presence for

FISH: Capture and Measure User Engagement at Your Next Event

FISH supports brands, event organizers, and sports leagues, with an event operating system that enables the collection of consumer data, facilitates fan engagement at brand activations, and provides fans the ability to collect content, enter sweepstakes, and share experiences through social media. Whether it’s capturing data collection for marquee events, measuring attendee behavior at corporate events or monitoring consumer engagement in a conference, FISH can measure all visitor behavior. The FISH reporting dashboard provides immediate

The Value of Visitor Actions

We measure a lot with analytics, but we don’t often put a value on each of the actions a visitor takes when they connect with us online. It’s important that companies pay attention to more than visits and conversions… there are a ton of interactions in between and after that provide value. In the above chart I have two axis… impact and value. As visitors like, retweet, fan and follow you or your business… there’s