Moqups: Plan, Design, Prototype, and Collaborate With Wireframes and Detailed Mockups

One of the really enjoyable and fulfilling jobs that I had was working as a product manager for an enterprise SaaS platform. People underestimate the process required to successfully plan, design, prototype, and collaborate on the most minor user interface changes. In order to plan the smallest feature or user interface change, I would interview heavy users of the platform in how they utilize and interact with the platform, interview prospective customers on how they

Figma: Design, Prototype, and Collaborate Across Enterprise

The last few months, I’ve been helping to develop and integrate a highly customized WordPress instance for a client. It’s quite the balance of styling, extending WordPress through custom fields, custom post types, a design framework, a child theme, and custom plugins. The difficult part is that I’m doing it from simple mockups from a proprietary prototyping platform. While it’s a solid platform for visualization and design, it doesn’t easily translate to HTML5 and CSS3.

BuzzRadar: Social Command Centers and Event Visualization

We’ve written about the incredible changes in visual displays that are being experienced in sports venues with Postano (who built our mobile application). This is a growing segment of technology. In my opinion, I believe most companies will have their own visualization boards and command centers, though they may not be as spectacular as Buzz Radar‘s for the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show: Currently in Beta, Buzz Radar is headquartered in London and provides the

Webtrends Streams: Real-Time Visualization and Targeting

Webtrends’ annual conference, Engage, just finished and they announced some intriguing enhancements to their software as a service (SaaS) analytics offering Webtrends Streams™. Webtrends Streams™ provides rich visitor-level details showing what an individual customer is doing in their current session. It provides the sequence of events that led the customer to where they are RIGHT NOW as-it-happens, allowing marketers to determine which products that user previously bought or looked at, or what path was taken before