5 Advantages Agile Marketing Has Over Traditional Marketing Processes

Reading Time: 2 minutes As development organizations grew in size and scope, they started to have more and more problems. A large organization might do quarterly releases with hundreds of developers writing thousands of lines of code that worked well locally, but caused headaches and collisions downstream in quality assurance. Those collisions would lead to features being removed, delays to releases, and meetings up and down the chain of command to try and remove roadblocks. Agile methodologies offered a different

Waterfalls vs. Washing Machines: A View of Product Management

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lisa Reichelt put together this fantastic presentation for the IA Summit: FYI: IA = Information Architecture, UCD = User Centered Design For those software product managers out there, I think this is a fantastic presentation on a great methodology for software product development. We’ve struggled with the waterfall approach at my work and are transitioning to this approach – although we never actually identified it as a “Washing Machine” approach. This slideshow is simple and