WordPress: Embed an MP3 Player in Your Blog Post

Reading Time: 3 minutes With podcasting and music sharing so prevalent online, there’s a great opportunity to enhance your visitors’ experience on your site by embedding audio within your blog posts. Thankfully, WordPress continues to evolve its support for embedding other media types – and mp3 files are one of those that are easy to do! While displaying a player for a recent interview is great, hosting the actual audio file may not be advisable. Most web hosts for

Web Accessibility Goes Well Beyond Screen Readers

Reading Time: 2 minutes One issue with the internet that’s eerily silent in the United States is the requirement for accessibility by those with disabilities. The web provides a profound opportunity to overcome these obstacles so it’s a focus that your business should begin paying attention to. In many countries, accessibility is no longer an option, it’s a legal requirement. Accessibility isn’t without challenges, though, as sites continue to become more interactive and technologies are implemented – accessibility is