accessiBe: Using Artificial Intelligence To Tackle Site Accessibility

Reading Time: 3 minutes While regulations for site accessibility have been around for years, companies have been slow to respond. I don’t believe it’s a matter of empathy nor compassion on the side of corporations… I truly believe that companies are simply struggling to keep up. As an example, Martech Zone ranks poorly for its accessibility. Over time, I’ve been working to improve both the coding, design, and metadata needed… but I can hardly keep up with just keeping

Web Accessibility Goes Well Beyond Screen Readers

Reading Time: 2 minutes One issue with the internet that’s eerily silent in the United States is the requirement for accessibility by those with disabilities. The web provides a profound opportunity to overcome these obstacles so it’s a focus that your business should begin paying attention to. In many countries, accessibility is no longer an option, it’s a legal requirement. Accessibility isn’t without challenges, though, as sites continue to become more interactive and technologies are implemented – accessibility is