What is a Mashup?

Integration and automation are two factors that I am constantly touting to clients… marketers should spend their time crafting their message, working on their creative, and targeting the consumer with the message that consumer wants to hear. They should not be spending all of their time moving data from one place to the next. It’s my belief that Mashups are an extension of this integration and automation on the web. What is a Mashup? A

Javascript back in the game

I remember when folks were talking about the demise of Javascript. Many browsers will allow you to block it’s settings due to malicious scripts. However, Javascript is now back on the rise. For non-techies… There are two means of website programming working: Server-side and Client-side. An example of server-side scripting is when you submit your order, your information is posted to the server, and then a new page comes up that is produced by the