Infographics: 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Online Contests

High response rates and building a great database of prospects are two key reasons to employ online contests via the web, mobile and Facebook. More than 70% of big companies will use contests in their strategies by 2014. One in 3 of those contest participants will agree to receive information from your brand via email. And brands that have got a budget for the creation of their application and advertising collect 10 times more entrants.

Subscription Management Systems: CheddarGetter

This week I got to spend time with the team at Sproutbox, an amazing technology incubator in Bloomington, Indiana. Sproutbox was founded by some elite developers who decided what they loved and what they were good at was taking an idea and bringing it to market as a solution. They do just that for equity in the projects they decide to take to market. I attended today as a finalist for their next Sprout… the