Important Web Design Techniques to Incorporate on your Law Firm Website

Today’s legal marketplace is increasingly competitive. As a result, this puts a lot of pressure to a lot of lawyers and law firms to stand out from the rest of the competition.  It’s tough it is to strive for a professional presence online. If your site isn’t compelling enough, clients move on to your competitors. That’s why, your brand (and that includes your website) should significantly impact your business, help you find new clients, and boost

The High Cost of Web Design Failures is Too Common

When you read these two statistics, you’re going to be shocked. More than 45% of all businesses don’t have a website. And of the DIY’s (Do-It-Yourselfers) that embark on building a site, 98% of them fail in publishing one at all. This doesn’t even count the number of businesses that have a website that simply isn’t driving leads… which I believe is another significant percentage. This infographic from Webydo pinpoints the major issue with failed

InVision: Prototyping, Collaboration and Workflow

Recently, I received an email with a link at the top that stated the folks were designing a new email and wanted our feedback. I clicked through on the link and it was a publicly accessible prototype of a new email design by the company. As I scanned the page, there were numbered hotspots (red circles) that could be clicked on and very specific feedback was provided by the folks visiting the page. I clicked

How to Let Your Pizza… er… Product Sell Itself Online

A good friend of mine, James, owns Brozinni Pizzeria. I’m not going to mess around – it’s honestly the best New York style pizza in Indy. James has helped us out quite a bit, bringing his amazing Indianapolis pizza truck to a fundraiser last year and catering an upcoming event this week we’re having. In return, we set out to design a site for him. When we set out to design the site, we knew

How to Plan Your New Web Site

We’ve all been there… your site needs a refresh. Either your business has rebranded, the site has become stale and old, or it’s simply not converting visitors the way you need it too. Our clients come to us to increase conversions and we often have to take a step back and redevelop their entire web presences from branding through to content. How do we do it? A web site is broken up into 6 key

BugHerd: Point, Click and Collaborate on the Web

Here’s a gem for you… what if you could integrate your project management system with on-screen annotations to make it easier to report issues and tackle tasks on the web? No sharing screenshots, wondering about browser versions, or trying to decipher issues described by someone not as technical you are. What if you could just pop open a browser app, point, click and report an issue with your site directly to your web team or

Free and Easy Wireframing with

Maybe we should start with what wireframing is! Wireframing is a means for designers to rapidly prototype a skeletal layout to a page. Wireframes display the objects on the page and their relationship to one another, they don’t do not display the literal graphic design incorporated. If you really want to make your designer happy, provide them with a wireframe of your request! Folks use everything from pen and paper, to Microsoft Word, to advanced

I Don’t Like It!

These are probably the worst 4 words that you can ever hear as an agency from your client. You never get used to it even though it happens fairly often. People hire designers to do the impossible… pull a vision out of their head and put it into an image, site, video or even a brand. Worse, it’s rarely an answer that matters. It really doesn’t matter whether or not you like it. As long