KANA Express: Customer Experience Management

We consult with many mid-size and large companies that decide to jump into a social marketing program only to find that they didn’t foresee the immediate demand on customer service. An unhappy customer doesn’t care that you opened a Twitter account or published a Facebook page for your marketing outreach… they’re going to take advantage of the medium to request service. And since it’s a public forum, you better provide them with it. Fast. This

Win a Wii from Noobie!

My good friend, Patric… aka Mr. Noobie, is giving away a Nintendo Wii! Patric has been a great friend of my blog over the last year and we’ve had many a cup of coffee with our friends at The Bean Cup. As excited as I get about the latest gadget or the newest technology, it’s important for me to remember that a good portion of the folks that visit my site don’t have a clue

Are you troubled by Noobs?

One of the benefits (some people think it’s a curse) of being technically addicted, er… savvy, is that everyone else is always asking you for assistance. My good friend and fellow Hoosier, Patric aka Mr. Noobie, is fully prepared to take this load off of your shoulders! Patric has had a growing website, Noobie, over the last year but it’s newly revamped layout and launch is incredible! Noobie, Inc. has a glossary, audio and video