How Your Slow Website Is Hurting Your Business

Years ago, we had to migrate our site to a new host after our current host just started getting slower and slower. No one wants to shift hosting companies… especially someone that’s hosting multiple websites. Migration can be quite a painful process. Aside from the speed boost, Flywheel offered free migration so it was a win-win. I didn’t have a choice, though, given that quite a bit of the work I do is optimizing sites

13 Examples of How Site Speed Impacted Business Results

We’ve written quite a bit about the factors that impact your website’s ability to load quickly and shared how slower speeds hurt your business. I’m honestly surprised by the number of clients we consult with that spend enormous amounts of time and energy on content marketing and promotion strategies – all while loading them on a substandard host with a site that’s not optimized to load quickly. We continue to monitor our own site speed and

Consensus Won’t Get You Success

One of the more passionate arguments I had at one of my jobs was to quit following what everyone said they wanted and start innovating. The fact is that the next big thing is going to be created without anyone asking for it. If you’re strategy is to make everyone happy, you will spend every resource you have trying to make the next sale, keep up with the competition, add requested features, or just make