Livestorm: Plan, Execute, and Optimize Your Inbound Webinar Strategy

If there’s one industry that’s exploded in growth due to travel restrictions and lockdowns, it’s the online events industry. Whether it’s an online conference, a sales demonstration, a webinar, customer training, an online course, or just internal meetings… most companies have had to invest heavily in video conferencing solutions. Inbound strategies are being driven by webinars nowadays… but it’s not as simple as it sounds. The need to integrate or coordinate with other marketing channels,

Benchmarks: How Well Are Your Webinars Performing?

We were just scheduling our next webinar yesterday and discussed some benchmarks about attendance, promotion, and duration… and then I just received this today! ON24 released the 2015 edition of its annual Webinar Benchmarks Report, which analyzes key trends observed in ON24 customer webinars over the last year. Webinar Performance Benchmarks Key Findings Webinar Interactivity – 35% percent of webinars integrated social media applications, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and 24 percent of webinars

When Do People Register for Webinars?

The great folks at ON24, a Webcasting, Virtual Event and Webinar solutions provider, have provided some great insight into any companies that are doing webinars. We love webinars here at Martech Zone and we team up with our partners to promote and execute them. Here are 4 Tips for Improving Your Webinars Webcast attendees procrastinate. 64% register the week of a live webinar. And webcast producers should always do a “day of event” promotion blast