How to Resubmit an Updated or New Robots.txt File

Our agency handles organic search consulting for several SaaS vendors in the industry. A client that we recently started working with had done a fairly standard practice, placing their application on a subdomain and moving their brochure site to the core domain. This is a standard practice since it enables both your production team and your marketing team to make updates as needed without any dependency on the other. As a first step in analyzing

Responsive Design and the Mobile Search Tipping Point

One of the reasons why we pulled the trigger on getting our site up on a new mobile-optimized theme wasn’t just all the noise that Google and professionals were making in the SEO space. We were seeing it for ourselves in the observations of our clients’ sites. On our clients with responsive sites, we could see a substantial growth in mobile search impressions as well as an increase in mobile search visits. If you’re not

Google Search Console Scared the Crap out of Me!

We’ve been working day and night preparing Martech for an upcoming design change. Work has included going back through 4,000 blog posts – ensuring we have featured images, the content isn’t out of date (like platforms that have gone out of business), and ensuring we don’t have other strange problems… like about 100 posts that I messed up the html encoding for code snippets, and much more. We also did a backlink audit and disavowed

Google Ramping Up Authorship in Webmasters

We keep an eye out on our clients’ webmasters accounts. It’s no coincidence, in my opinion, that our clients rank well as we’re able to significantly identify and reduce the errors that pop up in Webmasters. Google continues to advance its algorithms beyond the tried and true games that many SEO companies played in the past. Authorship is playing a growing role in this. By utilizing social queues on popularity, Google is advancing their pagerank

Our Verified Author Links Result in a 484% Higher Click-Through Rate

If you’re a publisher, SEO professional or a CMS platform, you should already have implemented a means for verified ownership. Authorship has been around for a few months and has gone through some fine-tuning, resulting in a great feature that really enhances your search engine visibility. In fact, I’d question any SEO company that’s not pushing their clients to ensure they have accomplished this. I’ve written about verified ownership and how to implement rich snippets