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    What is a Robots.txt File? How to Test and Resubmit

    What is a Robots.txt File? Everything You Need To Write, Submit, and Recrawl a Robots File for SEO

    We’ve written a comprehensive article on how search engines find, crawl, and index your websites. A foundational step in that process is the robots.txt file, the gateway for a search engine to crawl your site. Understanding how to construct a robots.txt file properly is essential in search engine optimization (SEO). This simple yet powerful tool helps webmasters control how search…

  • Search MarketingSEO Automation List, Taks, and Resources

    What Search Engine Optimization Tasks Can You Automate?

    The digital marketing arena is witnessing an unprecedented complexity in search engine optimization (SEO) driven by the emergence of diverse search features like local search, map packs, intricate schema markup, ranking factor changes, the expansive knowledge graph, and the dynamic nature of search algorithms. These advancements represent a double-edged sword: they provide sophisticated ways to enhance visibility and user engagement…

  • Search MarketingGoogle Authorship Discontinued, rel="author"

    Google Authorship Was Discontinued, But rel=”author” Doesn’t Hurt

    Google Authorship was a feature that allowed Google to identify the author of a piece of content and display their name and profile photo alongside the content in search engine result pages (SERPs). It also was included as a direct ranking factor for content. Authorship was designated by adding rel=”author” markup to the content, which linked it to the author’s…

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    mobile search responsive

    Responsive Design and the Mobile Search Tipping Point

    One of the reasons why we pulled the trigger on getting our site up on a new mobile-optimized theme wasn’t just all the noise that Google and professionals were making in the SEO space. We were seeing it for ourselves in the observations of our clients’ sites. On our clients with responsive sites, we could see a substantial growth in…

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    Google Search Console Scared the Crap out of Me!

    We’ve been working day and night preparing Martech for an upcoming design change. Work has included going back through 4,000 blog posts – ensuring we have featured images, the content isn’t out of date (like platforms that have gone out of business), and ensuring we don’t have other strange problems… like about 100 posts that I messed up the html…

  • Search Marketinggoogle search momentum

    How to Move Your Blog and Retain Search Momentum

    If you have an existing blog, chances are that you have search engine authority built to that domain or subdomain. Typically, companies simply start a new blog and abandon their old one. If your old content is lost, this could be a huge loss in momentum. In order to keep search engine authority, here’s how to migrate to a new…

  • Search MarketingGoogle Webmasters Tools

    Check your Content Strategy with Google Search Console

    Many people know of Google Search Console for site submissions and verifying robots files, sitemaps and indexing. Not enough people utilize the search statistics to get a clear strategy for their site content, though. Navigate to Statistics > Top Search Queries and you’ll find a fantastic data grid: On the left side of the grid are the Top Search Queries…

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