Create an Ultimate Customer Experience

While the Internet continues to evolve and has only been around for a couple decades, the world is quite well-versed at how to create a great customer experience. The parallels between the way you treat customers in person and the way you treat them online are quite similar when you’re trying to create the ultimate customer experience. Infographic by Monetate: Consumers expect highly-relevant online interactions with brands. For many businesses, the ability to deliver an

The Price of Free Website Testing

This is a debate that continues to rage on when it comes to the Internet… why should I pay for a solution when I can use a free one? We utilize many free applications – but given our experience in the industry, I think we’re an exception to the rule. As an agency, we’re fully leveraging the technology we find useful and putting it to work to help our customers. Too many times we see

Costs of Website Testing

Monetate has put out an informative infographic on what to think about and how to justify the expense of a website testing tool. It’s a comprehensive look at the challenges, costs, impact, direct costs, indirect costs and opportunities that website testing can provide. The near century-old financial estimate known as Total Cost of Ownership (TC)) can help determine direct and indirect costs of a purchase. Adopted by Gartner to help measure the true cost of

Website Testing Beyond the Landing Page

We’ve already posted a landing page best practices infographic that drew a lot of attention. This infographic from Monetate, Website Testing: Move Beyond the Landing Page, really takes it up a notch… providing input on other pages to test, elements to test, audience to test for, testing solutions and considerations when purchasing a testing solution. Smart marketers understand the value of testing. In a relatively short period of time, website testing has evolved from changing

Site Testing leads to Conversion Happiness

Aside from testing for search, speed and social, there are critical components of a test site that your company should be working on to analyze how visitors are converted into customers. Elements in and on pages like call-to-action buttons, layouts, navigation, copy, promotions, offers, checkout process, product selection process and even security should be constantly tested to find issues and improve the performance of your landing page or ecommerce page. Companies that are happy with