Klout Scores Reinvented… and I Like It!

I had heard about Klout a while ago but didn’t pay much attention until I met some of the Klout team in Las Vegas. I tested it out and found that some of the scores were lacking. For instance, many of us had multiple pages, multiple accounts, and a history online that spanned a decade… but Klout wasn’t impacted by all of that. The last time Klout updated it’s score, they lost me altogether. The

EyeTrackShop: Eye Tracking via Web Cam

This is a great advancement in the eye tracking industry. It used to be that when you wanted eye tracking accomplished, you used to have to pay outrageous sums of money to those agencies with the equipment and personnel to accomplish the project. What is Eye Tracking? Eye tracking technology measures exactly where your customers look. This enables you to see straight away whether or not your communication is working. In the past you had