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  • CRM and Data PlatformsNetline B2B Campaign Portal

    How to Syndicate Your B2B Content to Generate Leads with NetLine Portal

    NetLinePortal is a free B2B lead generation platform where agencies can create a content syndication campaign to drive awareness or capture leads. The system provides two different offerings: LeadFlow to generate leads, allowing you to syndicate your content, apply lead filters and scoring, run account-based marketing, add custom questions, set your budget and schedule, access campaign reports, and receive quality leads. Leads…

  • Analytics & TestingPartnering with an Agency for Success

    How You Value Your Agency Will Define Your Project’s Success

    This article was originally published in Forbes. One of the considerations that agencies often have to navigate is how their prospective clients value an agency’s services. Many clients measure the output productivity (pieces per hour) or the output cost (price per hour) but neither of those takes into consideration the actual results. The real value of marketing or development is…

  • Content Marketing

    The 4 P’s of Modern Search Engine Optimization

    The SEO world is shaking a bit at the news that Moz is cutting its staff in half. They state that they’re doubling down with a renewed focus on search. They’ve been a pioneer and essential partner in the SEO industry for years now. My outlook isn’t optimistic for the Organic Search industry, and I’m not sure it’s where Moz…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingSmall Business Content Marketing Media Matrix

    The Small Business Content Marketing Media Matrix

    Content marketing strategies continue to change, especially with advancements in mobile technologies, and access to high bandwidth is becoming commonplace. Marketers need to be more resourceful in their approach to generating content. One thing we do is often work back in complexity… we design an animation and use the content for a webinar, we use that content for a presentation…

  • Analytics & Testing
    show me the money 1

    Marketing Analytics 101: Show Me the Money!

    When I wrote an article for Talent Zoo last month, I wrote about leveraging automation and integration to maximize and leverage your online strategies, as well as the companies helping businesses to execute those marketing automation opportunities. A few minutes ago, I was sent an email from Andrew Janis of Evantage Consulting on a new Whitepaper they’ve released and the…

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