Should Your Business be on Twitter?

Recently, Twitter revealed that Apple’s tight iOS integration of Twitter has boosted twitter signups by 25%. After years of avoiding it, I finally broke down and got the iPhone… I’ll write about that later. I love the tight integration on the iPhone with Twitter – I think I’m actually falling in love with Twitter all over again! More than 100 million people have flocked to Twitter since 2006, sharing stories, insights, and cat pictures. But

PHP: A Great Book and MVC Framework for PHP

The folks over at Packt Publishing had a recent post where they were encouraging PHP developers/bloggers to read a new book and blog about it. I really appreciate opportunities like this – the didn’t request any positive or negative posting, just an honest review of the book they provide (at no cost). The book I received is CodeIgniter for Rapid PHP Application Development, written by David Upton. My favorite book on PHP/MySQL is still PHP