Coordinating Global Marketing for One Brand in 23 Countries

As a global brand, you don’t have one global audience. Your audience consists of multiple regional and local audiences. And within each of those audiences are specific stories to capture and tell. Those stories don’t just magically appear. There has to be an initiative to find, capture, and then share them. It takes communication and collaboration. When it happens, it’s a powerful tool to connecting your brand to your specific audiences. So how do you

The Promised Land: Profitable and Sustainable Marketing ROI Just Ahead

Welcome to what marketing technologists are calling The Customer Experience Era. By 2016, 89% of companies expect to compete on the basis of customer experience, vs 36% four years ago. Source: Gartner As consumer behavior and technologies continue to evolve, your content marketing strategies need to align with the customer journey. Successful content is now being driven by experiences — when, where and how customers want it. A positive experience in every marketing channel is

How to Effectively Use Visual Storytelling for Your Brand in 2015

While the buzzword visual storytelling might be new, the idea of visual marketing is not. 65% of the general population are visual learners, and it’s no secret that images, graphics and photos are some of the most liked content across social networks. Marketers are taken visual marketing a step further by developing and honing the concept of visual storytelling where we are using imagery to tell a story. Why Does Visual Storytelling Work? Science tells

ProofHQ: Online Proofing and Workflow Automation

ProofHQ is a SaaS-based online proofing software that streamlines the review and approval of content and creative assets so that marketing projects are completed faster and with less effort. It replaces email and hard copy processes, giving review teams tools to collaboratively review creative content, and marketing project managers tools to track reviews in progress. ProofHQ can be used across all media including print, digital and audio/visual. Typically, creative assets are reviewed and approved using

How Digital Asset Management Impacts Content Management

In previous posts, we’ve discussed What Digital Asset Management Is, Why Digital Asset Management is Critical to Marketing Overall, as well as How to Justify the Expense of Digital Asset Management. In this infographic from Widen, they detail the specifics of how digital asset management will help you to deploy a more efficient content management strategy. Specifically, housing and monitoring your content in a central repository is much more efficient than having content scattered across