Fluid: Design, Test and Share Your Mobile Prototypes

I’m not sure I’ve ever tested out an easier prototyping engine than Fluid. Seriously, you have to give their editor a test drive, it’s incredibly simple, intuitive and has a robust pallet of drag and drop user interface components that snap to the grid and size intelligently. Fluid has custom player apps for Android, iPhone and iPad. They allow you to build connected multi-screen prototypes, export the screenflows, add gestures and transitions with swipe, tap,

The Top 11 Features of Windows 8

While my home and office are totally equipped with Macs, I can’t say that I’m unimpressed with Windows 8. I know that sales have been soft, but I believe it was a courageous evolution in the Windows history, an advancement in usability, and a beautiful operating system. Microsoft is a worthy adversary… they still own the business OS market, they still own the office market, and they still have a lot of cash on hand