Free and Easy Wireframing with

Maybe we should start with what wireframing is! Wireframing is a means for designers to rapidly prototype a skeletal layout to a page. Wireframes display the objects on the page and their relationship to one another, they don’t do not display the literal graphic design incorporated. If you really want to make your designer happy, provide them with a wireframe of your request! Folks use everything from pen and paper, to Microsoft Word, to advanced

Wireframe Development Tools get Interactive

For the last year, I’ve been struggling to find a wireframe tool that was simple, added collaborative tools, and actually had interactive components that mimicked how HTML objects and elements actually worked. My search just ended with Hotgloo. From their site: HotGloo is a rich internet application designed to build functional online wireframes for a website or web projects. Create and share fully interactive online prototypes. Collaborate with colleagues and share the output with clients.

Understand. Be on Brand. Build trust.

While Internet-based marketing tactics might be way cooler than some boring old print ad, that coolness factor doesn’t relieve you from doing basic branding work. All touchpoints are prime opportunities to increase your brand love with your target audiences. Understand how the person on the other side of the conversation is using that digital technology. At what level is she open to engaging with you at this touchpoint? If she’s busy checking her email during