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  • Ecommerce and RetailGrowave: All-in-one marketing platform for shopify (loyalty, rewards, referral, vip)

    Growave: The All-In-One Marketing Toolkit for Enhanced Shopify Engagement

    Shopify store owners often face the challenge of piecing together various marketing solutions to cater to their customer’s diverse needs. From managing loyalty programs and rewards to handling wishlists, single sign-on (SSO), referral systems, tiered offerings, and user-generated content (UGC), the journey to creating a cohesive marketing strategy can be complex and fragmented. The primary challenge lies in integrating these…

  • Ecommerce and Retail14 ecommerce strategies

    14 Strategies for Increasing Revenue on Your E-commerce Site

    This morning we shared 7 strategies for increasing customer spending in your retail location. There are techniques that you should be deploying on your e-commerce site as well! Dan Wang shared an article on actions you can take to increase the value of your shopper’s carts at Shopify and ReferralCandy has illustrated those actions in this infographic. 14 Strategies for…

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