Setup Authorship with Yoast’s WordPress SEO

A while back, we shared how we had setup Authorship on our site. Authorship has become an important strategy, increasing click-through rates on search engine results that have the rich snippet, and increasing the likelihood that your WordPress site will get ranked well. There’s far less development necessary today to enable authorship thanks to some of the great plugin authors out there like Joost De Valk. Key to this method of enabling authorship is that

Enable Authorship and Publishing Link in WordPress

I keep telling folks I’d share how we’re integrating authorship microdata to produce search result rich snippets. It’s working well for our clients in increasing their SERP CTRs) so I figured I’d document it here for WordPress sites. There are two pieces to this… and the two elements are not related. The authorship data is now being displayed in Search Engine Results Pages. I have not seen publisher info displayed yet… but I’m sure it