WordPress Hosting Running Slow? Migrate to Managed Hosting

Although there’re tons of reasons that your WordPress installation is running slow (including poorly written plugins and themes), I believe the single biggest reason why people have problems is that of their hosting company. The additional need for social buttons and integrations compounds the issue – many of them load terribly slow as well. People notice. Your audience notices. And they don’t convert. Having a page that takes longer than 2 seconds to load can

MainWP: Centrally Manage Your WordPress Sites

The great folks at Automattic have been closely integrating centralized WordPress management through their Jetpack plugin. I’ve already run into one issue with it, though, losing all of my past Jetpack analytics when my site somehow got disconnected and a staging site was connected instead. It was quite a bummer – and I’m thankful that I have Google Analytics also installed. If you don’t want all your tools dependent on one massive platform like Jetpack,

CodeGuard: Website Backup in the Clouds

About a year ago, we had a client call us and they were frantic. They deleted a user from their system and that user owned all of the content so the content was deleted as well. The content was was gone. Months of work to populate the site… all gone in a heartbeat. Our engagement was just to build out their theme, not manage the actual hosting and implementation. As a result, we only had

VaultPress Keeps WordPress Safe

I’m sitting at the Automattic booth at Blog World Expo (siphoning power) and had a great conversation with the WordPress team regarding a number of projects we’ve worked on as well as discussing changes and challenges we’re running into with our clients. One of those concerns is security and backups. It’s strange that I’ve been in the WordPress community for a while, but still hear about programs and applications that have been around for years