WordPress: Add Author Information in Sidebar

UPDATE: I’ve developed a Sidebar Widget to display your Author Information. Today’s post by Jon Arnold was fantastic on tips for designing a website, but I noticed the first comment attributed the post to me. That’s a telltale sign I need to make the author information more prominent. I’ve not created a widget for this (and I’m surprised that no one else has!), but I was able to edit my sidebar in my WordPress blog

Replace WordPress Search with Google Custom Search

Let’s face it, WordPress Search is slow and very innaccurate. Thankfully, Google is both blazing fast and accurate. In addition, Google’s Google Custom Search has evolved to be embedded into your own blog (or web site). Permalinks and Google Custom Search For a site with permalinks like mine, I did have to make one additional modification, though. I had to make the action in the form tag relative rather than supplying the entire URL with