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  • Content MarketingEmbedPress: How to Embed In WordPress

    EmbedPress: Seamless Embedding Of Third-Party Content In WordPress From Virtually Anywhere

    It’s not uncommon for companies to have dozens of destinations online where they’re pushing content to build awareness and acquire prospects. Brands with WordPress sites often face significant challenges when integrating or embedding this external content. The absence of a versatile tool leads to complex integration requirements, performance bottlenecks, and issues with lazy loading. EmbedPress: Over 150 Embeddable Sources EmbedPress…

  • Artificial IntelligenceSurfer: AI-Driven SEO Platform

    Surfer: AI-Driven SEO Platform for Automated Content Creation and Optimization

    Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) platforms often inundate users with a plethora of subjective data and reports, leading to potential confusion and misguided efforts. Their excessive data and analysis can inadvertently steer businesses and even seasoned SEO consultants toward investing time and resources in areas that may not yield significant impacts. Surfer Surfer is an innovative SEO platform that embraces…

  • Ecommerce and Retail
    WordPress Shopify

    Integrate Shopify Seamlessly With Your WordPress Site

    We’ve been setting up quite a few Woocommerce sites for clients… and it hasn’t been easy. The Woocommerce interface is a bit clunky and additional features are mostly available through a plethora of plugins that require paid subscriptions… and more configuring. Lots and lots of configuring. If you’ve never seen Shopify, we shared a video that shows you how to…

  • Email Marketing & Automationjanrain engage

    Janrain: Capture and Amplify Your Social Presence

    So you’ve got your social media presence up and running. You’re adding fans and followers by the day and getting a trickle of visitors to your site. Social media is providing you growth, but you’re not seeing the return on investment that all the social media gurus are talking about. Social media appears to be this huge net, but you’re…

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