HeatSync: Enterprise Competitive Intelligence and Analytics

HeatSync provides a means to collect disparate analytics data from several integrated sources, organize the data, store it, and present it in manner that provides improved insight into a website’s trending and performance. HeatSync pulls data from Alexa, SimilarWeb, Compete, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Klout, MOZ, CrunchBase and WOT to complete a profile, timeline and comparison engine for your site. Website Profile – The HeatSync Website Profile presents an in-depth detailed view into all aspects

WOT is your Reputation?

It’s surprising that there wasn’t more news of the engagement of WOT and Facebook. WOT stands for “Web of Trust” and is a community-built site of users that rate websites. In May, Facebook began to use the service as a police dog to protect its users against clicking through to malicious sites. Sounds like a good move by Facebook on the surface, but the underlying pinnings of WOT are actually a bit scary. On some