Infochimps: Your Big Data Platform Experts

As an agency, our clients are asking us more and more to decipher the huge volumes of data that they’re being provided from their reporting engines – CRM, Email, Social Media, etc. To date, we’ve pulled this data into data stores on our internal server, massaged it, and then exported the information we needed. The data, however, are becoming more difficult to filter, segment and assign. Social media, for example, provides strings and URLs of

My Marketing Book of the Year

A couple months ago I was asked if I’d like to read The Perfection of Marketing by James Connor. I’m a sucker for a marketing book so I responded immediately. I’m also not easily swayed in my opinions, as you’ll see by my review of Content Rich. James Connor’s publicist sent me a book anyways. 😉 He must have known that it was a winner! After reading the book, I was so excited that I