Zenkit: Manage Tasks Across Teams, Devices and Companies

Since Wunderlist’s shutdown was made official, many users have been urgently looking for an alternative. Thousands have already expressed their disappointment at the current alternatives, which is why Zenkit decided to develop Zenkit To Do so Wunderlist users can feel right at home. It’s no coincidence their app’s features and intuitive interface are so similar to Wunderlist. Today’s apps are either simple lists (such as Wunderlist, Todoist, or MS To Do) or complex project management

The Business of Word Research

This is a Sponsored Post. With the value of search engine ranking so high, it’s no wonder that research tools are popping up everywhere on the web. I utilize WordTracker in my blog, simply because it has an easy-to-use plugin for finding the best tags for each of your posts. I know that SEOmoz has quite a few keyword and key phrase tools within its arsenal of premium content, I simply can’t justify the expense