Litmus: Can People Actually Read Your Email?

We’ve been focusing… er… screaming about mobile of late and I hope we’re getting your attention. If you do one thing today, it should be to test your email messages that you are sending out of your email vendor to see if people can actually read them. As we developed core email templates for our email for WordPress solution, CircuPress, building a responsive email template that resized, was readable, and worked across the plethora of

Vee24: Live Video Engagement Increases Conversions by 38%

This week, I had the most amazing experience demoing Vee24‘s online video solution for the web. The company has been around a few years perfecting a combination hardware and software as a service solution that is incredibly affordable. What Vee24 has accomplished is nothing short of amazing. When a client signs u, they initially purchase the hardware, which includes a tower that has a video camera, front lighting, a broadcast monitor and even an on-air