A Solicited or Paid Review is a Risky Review

We had a solid discussion at a regional leadership event on collecting reviews from businesses and consumers online. Much of the discussion was around paid reviews or rewarding customers for reviews. I’m not an attorney, so I’d recommend you speak to yours before listening to me. My stance on this is simple… don’t pay or reward reviews. You may disagree with me, but just as the organic search industry was overtaken by falsely inflating rankings,

Capture Yelp and Google Reviews from Apps Your Customers Use!

Not too long ago we had a fantastic interview with Daniel Lemin, the author of ManipuRATED: How Business Owners Can Fight Fraudulent Online Ratings and Reviews. He spoke to the importance of capturing reviews in order to have both fresh reviews and to combat any negative reviews that may occasionally arise. Is there a better time to capture a great review than just after a satisfied customer leaves your business? Probably not – so why not

MomentFeed: Localized Mobile Marketing Solutions for Search and Social

If you’re a marketer at a restaurant chain, or over franchisees, or a retail chain, you can’t possibly work across every market and medium to promote each location without some kind of system. Your brand is largely invisible to local search, blind to local customer engagement, don’t have tools to create locally relevant ads, and they are often not managing a complete social media presence. Compound the effort with some key consumer behavioral changes: 80%

Advertising on Yelp?

We were recently helping our office masseuse (yes – we really have one!) decide whether or not buying advertisements on Yelp was a good investment for promoting her spa here in Indianapolis, Quiescence Experience. Monique had already been seeing some foot traffic from her presence on Yelp, so perhaps advertising on Yelp would generate even more. In speaking with the advertising representative, the ads package is quite strong. First, Monique would get a dedicated advertisement