Accelerated Mobile Pages are a Must, But Don’t Forget Analytics!

This last month I’ve been working with a client that’s seen a noticeable decline in organic search traffic over the last year. We’ve fixed quite a few issues with the site that could impact rankings; however, I was missing one key factor in reviewing their analytics – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). What is AMP? With responsive websites becoming the norm, the size and speed of mobile sites is greatly impacted, often slowing down the sites

Yoast SEO: Canonical URLs on a Site with Optional SSL

When we moved our site over to Flywheel, we didn’t force everyone into an SSL connection (the https:// url that ensures a secure connection). We’re still undecided on this. We may ensure that form submissions and the ecommerce portion are secure, but not sure about just the average article to read. With that in mind, we realized that our canonical links were showing up both secure and insecure. I’ve not read a lot on the

WordPress: Two SEO Plugins for Meta Tag Creation

There are two WordPress plugins you can’t live without to assist with Search Engine Optimization. These two plugins will dynamically generate your keyword and description meta tags.