Shoutcart: A Simple Way To Buy Shoutouts From Social Media Influencers

Digital channels continue to grow at a rapid rate, a challenge to marketers everywhere as they decide what to promote and where to promote their products and services online. As you look to reach new audiences, there are traditional digital channels like industry publications and search results… but there are also influencers. Influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity because influencers have carefully grown and curated their audience and followers over time. Their audience has

HypeAuditor: Your Influencer Marketing Stack For Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, or Twitch

Over the last few years, I’ve really ramped up my affiliate and influencer marketing initiatives. I’m quite selective in working with brands – ensuring that the reputation that I’ve built doesn’t get tarnished while setting expectations with the brands on how I may be able to assist. Influencers are only influential because they have an audience that trusts, listens, and acts on their shared news or recommendations. Start selling crap and you’re going to lose

Influencer Marketing: History, Evolution, and the Future

Social media influencers: that’s a real thing? Since social media became the preferred method for communicating for many people back in 2004, many of us can’t imagine our lives without it. One thing that social media has definitely changed for the better is that it has democratized who gets to be famous, or at least well-known. Up until recently, we had to rely on movies, magazines, and television shows to tell us who was famous.